Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How do I protect my data from a Cloud vendor?

Here's a possible solution:

"Much like a utility company that delivers electricity over a power distribution network, the cloud is being used to deliver IT services on demand. While definitions for“cloud” may vary, most would agree that the potential benefits are compelling and range from reduced complexity to added flexibility, increased reliability, and reduced costs.Server virtualization is a catalyst for cloud-based backup and recovery adoption on two fronts. First, the rapid adoption of server virtualization is causing organizations to redesign their existing backup and business continuity strategies.
Second, the enhanced flexibility and recoverability provided by server virtualization provides an excellent foundation for out of region recovery after a disaster. Venyu brought these trends together with a goal of making it easy for organizations to adopt a cloud-based backup and recovery strategy—especially for the growing number of small to medium-sized businesses that have embraced server virtualization technology."


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