Thursday, March 29, 2012

BIM and Spec Software Continued - BSD's Speclink-e and Linkman-e

This presentation by Beth Stroshane will provide you with an in depth look at Building System Design Speclink-e and Linkman-e from a user point of view.

The presentation will include the following:
- An overview of the features of the software.
- A discussion of how the out of the box features can be used to help solve old and new challenges:
- Coordination and terminology.
- Tracking information for the 2030 Challenge for Products, Red list, Specification Status or many more.

Come learn what one firm is doing and start thinking about how you might use the same features in the same way, or in completely different ways, to raise the bar and move your practice and the industry forward.

Beth Stroshane is a Certified Construction Specifier who has worked with BIM specification systems on large complex architectural projects for the last 6 years with NBBJ and ZGF Architects. Prior to writing specifications, Beth achieved bachelor's degrees in structural engineering and construction management, and worked as a construction engineer for Mortenson Construction.

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