Saturday, April 21, 2012

Review of The VID Delusion by Brian Madden, et al.

 The VDI Delusion by Brian Madden, et al. reminds me of what one professor wrote on my Hunter "Thompson styled narration: "floats like a butterfly, but ....where's the sting." I recommend this book to clarify the industry and understand some of the greatest blog, tweet, flames going on in the industry today. is fantastic resource on vid with a great podcast.

It really does describe a lot of the chaos caused by company marketing as well as technology challenges. Also adds to confusion about some of the acronyms. Great explanation of different technologies here

I think the book misses on two major points:

1. "It's the data, stupid". In some industries, we are already in a multi-device, multi-os scenario that is not being solved by iCloud  or dropbox. Add to this the requirement for multi-company collaboration on large data-sets. The compute power must be reside with the data and it must be accessible from multiple remote locations without planning or device constraint - ie the application I need to make since of the data doesn't execute on my iPad or my iPhone or my Android or my Macbook or on the little standard issue $300 XP based PC the corporation gave me.

2. My 10-50 person company doesn't have an IT department to handle all of the tasks outlined as the successful, time-proven desktop strategies  to solve the desktop dilemmas. Outsourcing the entire desktop to a provider can be a good solution.

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